MAY 31 & JUNE 01


Utopixel, aka Francesco ‘Cippo’ Casanova, is one of the founders of the BitNet01 collective. In his performances, he experiments with sounds, lines of code, and pixels by intricating them into a canvas made of abstract images, polyrhythms, repetitions, ethereal textures, and synthetic sounds. From Drones passing through IDM to Electro, his audiovisual hybrid-set crosses various worlds of electronic music experimentation until arriving at the world of acid breakbeat.

Bossi Funk bought his first records in 1993. The first two years he played at
friends birthdaypartys and private events, later at raves, events and clubs in
South Tyrol. He become his first residency 1998 at disco Zoom (Ora). Later he
was resident at Live club (bz) and Rise (bz) for years. He played a lot of raves
and afterhours in South Tyrol and clubs like puka naka, bistro viva, apres, baila,
miro, cheope, ladum ecc Bossi Funk s sound is housey, deep and full of energie. His record collection has no boundaries, house, techno,electro, old scool trance, minimal, jazz and of course funk. Bossi Funk was also active, and a founding member at Atrakt, a cultural society based at Ora where he played alongside legends like Octave One, Marshall Jefferson, Tyree Cooper and more. Nowadays he is a part of the dirty south collective MIK

Born in Vicenza but based in Bozen, Fcantss’ passion for sound investigation took a concrete
shape in this adventure here in South Tyrol, especially during the last two years.
Long distant sounds, poetry, distorted recordings, strange spells, heavy bass.
Fcantss’ journey its a non explainable trip, full of experimentations and dark randomness.



Dj Fedl, co-founder of the Raum collective and active member of Hospiz
started djing in 2018. The defining feature of his style is the variety of musical genres he incorporates into his sets. The strong rhythms from breakbeat to techno and the cheerful melodies of house to trance, form the perfect fusion for an energetic feeling on the dancefloor.

DJ Nissan.  A dedicated music mixer for over 5 years,  who next to his passion for graphic design is also active in organising several of his own events.

Throughout his artistic career, he has definitely put his personal stamp on the South Tyrol nightlife. Beyond the stage, DJ Nissan is one of the founders of the Hospiz Festival, as well as working with the MIK and Scum collective. 

Drawing inspiration from German electropunk, dark wave and Electronic Body Music, he has been on a continuous exploration of what it means to connect these genres in a framework of techno and rave. His aesthetic identity is a fusion of modern techno bits as well as retro-futuristic elements. Prepare yourself for an experience where DJ Nissan not only brings together past and future sounds, but also consistently challenges their tension and explores their boundaries.



Marked by his awakened sensibility to depth, Feral consistently carries a thread of spirituality throughout his work. He has inherently embodied the spirit of deep techno, of which defines Hypnus Records, through his passion for audio engineering, hardware experimentation and fascination for percussive instruments.


Feral’s affinity for the shamanic calls of the tribal drum have led him across the world to discover and nurture his defining sound. Finding comfort in the solitude of his studio, Feral’s visions emerge in the crepuscular hours of his native city, Rome.

With a heightened sense of spatial awareness, the sounds of Feral unearth the path of his multidimensional world, transporting the listener to a haunting, yet grounding refuge within.


Forkowski is one of the underdogs of the Rotterdam techno scene, known for
his distinguished taste in music. With a great passion for the 12” medium, he never turned his back to vinyl. Through the years he became a vast collector,
which has led to an impressive and versatile music knowledge, making him able
to adapt easily between the many sub styles within the genre. His signature
style can be best described as funky, fast and rolling oldschool techno.
In 2022 he started his own label ‘Pleistocene Future Recordsʼ. The first release
in April ʼ22 was an immediate hit! With 6 releases on the clock ‘Pleistocene Future Recordsʼ gained momentum. The label, straight from Schiedam, gets support from big artists and is getting indispensable in the underground Techno scene.

As a DJ, club founder, programmer and record label head, Jetti has pushed electronic music of the highest calibre through her adopted city for well over a decade. You’ll struggle to find any name more synonymous with Rotterdam’s underground scene. A musical fanatic from an early age, she’s developed an almost encyclopaedic knowledge that runs as deep as it is wide. From evenings spent with her dad in smoky jazz cafés to teenage electroclash phases, and I-F induced italo obsessions, she’s passionate about it all. A born programmer that was always destined to share her love for music in all its forms. Growing up within touching distance of the Netherlands’ major cities, the bright lights and lowm rumbles of pulsing basslines were always tantalising on the horizon. With a first taste of Rotterdam’s club scene in her early teens, she’s continued down the rabbit hole ever since, surrounding herself with club culture and raves on either side of the law. Inspired by Berlin’s late night bars, she began throwing parties in the empty buildings of Rotterdam’s West Kruiskade district. What would follow is the story of the city’s most influential venue of modern times. Jetti dropped out of University to co-found BAR and build an institution that lives on in the hearts of all those connected with the city’s underground dance music community.
A class act behind the booth, she refines her broad interests into a foundation of sleek house and techno, and from this base ventures into any number of other genres with effortless dexterity.
Co-founding BAR Records with her long time collaborator, Post, she’s kept the sound of the fabled venue alive since its closing in 2019. Without any single genre in mind, the pair push whatever latest cuts catch their ear from an ever widening pool of friends within the scene.
Today, she’s the programmer at Rotterdam’s newest venue, BIT Club, channelling her boundless energy into curating events that bring the best out of the space and the artists she
continues to be inspired by.




KOMPRIPIOTR @ Hospiz 2024: Action ‘The Electromagnetic Power-
Catalyst’. Electromagnetic fields mutate into unpredictable noise clusters.

Leo Cologna, an ambitious producer, DJ, and sound engineer from Bolzano, Italy. Growing up, surrounded by countless records, his love for music established itself at a young age, leading him to start playing gigs in various venues and festivals in northern Italy, where he made a name for himself in the local techno scene.
Motivated by his passion for electronic music, Leo made the decision to move to Berlin at the age of 18 to immerse himself in the techno scene and broaden his musical horizons. Over the years, he has built up a diverse record collection, focusing on atmospheric, dark yet dance floor – oriented techno. Leo is known for his seamless musical journeys, he mesmerizes dancers with everything from atmospheric and trippy openings to dark and gritty closings, providing him with opportunities to share the stage with renowned names such as Sverca, Conceptual, Kamikaze Space Programme, and many others.
Leo successfully completed his diploma in creative audio production and sound engineering at Catalys Berlin in 2023 and is currently doing an internship at Tricone Studios located in the legendary Funkhaus Berlin.
In his productions, Leo consistently conveys his artistic vision, also heard in his DJ sets, creating a journey for the listeners into mesmerizing soundscapes of uncharted territories of sound design. He places technology and complex synthesis at the forefront, seamlessly combining modern production
methods with classic electronic instruments and unconventional recording techniques in electronic music. In creating an auditory journey of discovery, his work seamlessly interweaves the fundamental elements of techno with a forward-thinking perspective that bridges the past and the future.




Party Time!
Luciano Di Rimini is bringing the heat 80ies, 90ies, Disco for his, her and their

Manuel Zwerger moves as a composer at the intersection of new music, performance and installation art, whereby visual and extra-musical material is not subordinated to the sound quality, but made it inherent. The thematic focus lies on the usual phenomena of making music and the production of sound, which are connected and questioned with influences from everyday life, pop culture, anti-art, current trends and science.

This piece for audio playback, baritone saxophone, tuba, drumset and DJ, created especially for Hospiz_24, is an attempt to artistically explore the gap between an opening speech and a DJ set.

Through the mechanised movements and precisely placed accents, the process of uncovering the parameters increasingly gains the impression of a skeletal rhythmisation of all dimensions – the sonic and the physical. The processual character is central to this: similar to morphing, flowing sound transitions are created. (Sound) cells continue to develop and are subject to organic changes. The music is expanded in the sense of an extension of the instruments through new playing techniques and preparations, as well as the inclusion of various media and materials that are collaged, quoted and recontextualised. In the musical development of the piece, the various media elements gradually come together and intertwine, only to finally disintegrate again. Stylistic conventions are played with, demonstrated and transformed. Genre and language boundaries are scrutinised.


Born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Nala Brown has been cultivating a sound that explores the intersection of house, techno, electro, bass and beyond  earning her the title of “Rotterdams rising rave star”. She’s also part of Rotterdam collective AMPFEMININE, which aims to add a lovely variety of color in nightlife.



Nilo, originally from Bolzano, started his musical journey as a dj when moving to Vienna in 2009. His first appearances on stage were under the name Neurosyntax performing Full-on Psytrance. In the following years he expanded his repertoire to Drum&bass, then to House, Techno and lately Disco and Funk. He has a strong passion for collecting records and mixing different styles. Nilo excels in driving peaktime sets as well as chilled listening sessions, but enjoys extended vinyl sets the most. He held a residency at Klub Gru for 2 years and organized several parties and variouse festivals in Austria and Italy. In 2022 Nilo moved back to his hometown Bolzano and has since then set foot in the local scene. Some of the venues he played at and crews he performed for: Hafen Innsbruck, Halle28, Basis Kasino, Klub Gru, Flex, Fluc, Werk, Celeste, Volksgarten, Elektro Gönner, Prime Club, Porto Pollo, Viper Room, Electric Mountain Festival, Culture Assault, Spoiler Room, Sarnarschourt Records, TschepperBoyz, Stompfmaschin, Psyfactory, Teknonstop, Tanzen ist auch Sport and many more.


Thomas B, originally from Bolzano (IT), is now based in Vienna. He is
founder of “scum collective” and, besides its curation, also active as a
producer under the alias Oat M.
Step into the live project Oatman, where Thomas B. delves with his
machines into a performance defined by both improvisation and
precision. Expect a captivating sonic journey as Oatman presents a
unique audio tapestry, merging percussive rhythms with depthful synths,
intricate loops, and soulful melodies. Count on every piece to carry that
personal touch.




Resident Advisor

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, OFF / GRID is an up and rising techno producer, influenced by classic detroit techno, dub techno and hardgroove with a profound appreciation for music spanning from jazz to jungle. In 2022 he debuted with his non-label EP “Time To Shine” on Bandcamp, swiftly grabbing the industry’s attention. Since then OFF / GRID is expanding his footprint in the scene with releasing his own ever-evolving interpretations of techno.




Raphi Giraphi is a nature loving DJ based somewhere between wineyards and steep woods in the mountains. Her sets are a smooth ride, going from downtempo to techno. She blends soft, emotional tones with intense beats, clearly expressing her love for deep basslines. Infused with an organic and world influenced sound, she creates a journey through diverse landscapes, guiding the dancing feet over wide meadows into dense forests and dark caves reaching deserts beneath a night sky full of countless stars and moons.


Walter Garber aka DJ Veloziped from Merano, South Tyrol (IT) has been active since the 90s. He is considered to be one of the techno pioneers in South Tyrol and still plays vinyl mainly electronic music. Countless of his DJ mixes can be found on Mixcloud and Soundcloud, many of them tribute mixes for special artists or labels. Veloziped mainly plays in South Tyrol or Innsbruck in the Tante
Emma Club, but guest appearances have also taken him to Düsseldorf to the Salon des Amateurs or the Grelle Forelle in Vienna. In 2023 he played with DJ Hell on his tour of Italy in Verona and Bologna. Most recently, he was booked for the club Kegelbahn in Lucerne and the Venice Biennale. For the He regularly creates DJ mixes for the Austrian cult station FM4. In the exhibition HOPE at the Museum of Modern Art MUSEION in Bolzano, he showed 101 rare records by Underground Resistance and other Detroit techno labels.



Dora Musola works in the fields of performance art, installation art, Sculpture, Costume Design and Events organisation. A current theme of their work involves reimagining physical environments to provoke novel perceptions and experiences. Through a language of transformation, they strive to render
spaces as imaginative, surreal, and occasionally dystopian realms. Their artistic pursuit entails an exploration of spatial dynamics and bodily engagement, aiming to reimagine the relationship
between individuals and their environments.



Gaia Ginevra Giorgi (Venice), is sound-artist and researcher active in the field of performing arts. His practice integrates writing, sound, voice and performative devices. His interventions produce ephemeral habitats, spaces of embodied and radical imagination. He curates the radio program Walk so silently that the  Bottoms of your feet becomes ears (Fango Radio), and is resident artist at Radio Raheem. Author, dramaturg and performer of various theatrical and performative projects, she has presented her works in institutions and festivals such as Santarcangelo Festival (Santarcangelo), Swiss Institute (Milan), BASE Milano (Milan), TBA21- Academy (Venice), Centrale Fies (Dro), Short Theatre (Rome), Schlachthaus Theater (Bern), Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Madrid), Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt (Frankfurt), Barcelona Poesia (Barcelona), Fondazione Antonio Ratti (Como), Supernova (Rimini). Supported by INDEX, it has been selected among the 2024 emerging artists by Exibart. For Hospiz, she will propose a live-set based on the sound materials that make up the performance Haunted (2024). A fantastical archive, consisting of field-recordings, recordings of letters, recordings of dreams, voices, radio frequencies distorted, interference and sound fragments, pours into samplers, tapes, antennas that capture the electromagnetic spectrum and ultrasonic detectors. An active listening session, between sound ecology and hauntological music, between archaeology and imagination.

Jakob Hütter, Jakob Figo, Martin Winterleitner, Jakob Schauer, Paul Janisch, Thomas Planitzer, Anton Kvitchuk und Hanna Besenhard

form and content, analog and digital – interaction of apparent opposites. all divisions between the whores of babylon and machinery of art are subject of the concept of free and consequent development. Hand mit Auge operates and lives for to visualization of ideas and emotions and to tell stories.


Sophie Lazari earned a BFA in illustration and graphics from the Berlin University of the Arts. She also works as a tattoo artist, painter, graphic designer, performance artist, and curator and coordinator of several online and offline projects.

Her multidisciplinary practice includes printmaking, drawing, painting, illustration, tattooing, and performance. Her works call for safe and accessible spaces of expression beyond discrimination, gender binaries, and patriarchal social norms. By combining queer narratives, striking abstract aesthetics, and playful, humorous figuration, the artist often examines current social issues through historical perspectives.

Performance: #noflilters

How does the beauty industry and the rising trends that influencers and celebrities promote on social media shape our perception of the perfect body? Where does beauty become toxic and unhealthy? By being exposed to variety of treatments for skincare and bodymodifications like permanent make-up and botox as well as extreme fitness pro-gramms for „healthy and toned bodies“ we distort the image of natural beauty into a „copy-paste- perfect-looking-doll-like“ image of our (female) bodies and faces. This aim for perfection not only puts pressure into aging and preservation of beauty standards but can cause addictions to the extend that the individuum doesn‘t feel good without cer- tain treatments. It is a domino effect that causes young girls to not feel good in their own skin, in order to change their outlook by seeing how easy and fast celebrities or even friends start at a very young age with treatments, diets, beautymodifications and core workouts to fit into the mainstream standard of beauty. A good example of a tippingpoint in beautystandars is when the diet and fitness programm to preserve a toned body becomes an addiction, from burning calories to counting them to  the extend of anorexia or other addictions like substance abuse.