Barbara Bo started buying records and DJ-ing in Munich around 2007, after almost
a decade of CDJ-ing only private parties and events, she slowly found her way intothe local club scene.
Munich Record Labels Permanent Vacation and Gomma/ Toytonics as well as
Compost were an important influence and she always had a strong passion for
French Touch.
She was collaborating with the Japanese producer Toshiyuki Yasuda as well as
New York’s cult duo ‘In Flagranti’.
After several years of hiatus due to family duties and a number of relocations, she
is now starting all over again in her new home-town Trento, where she’s currently

often to be found at the events, digging deeper into her main subject
House – always with a funky approach.

Cristian Rot is an Italian DJ and passionate vinyl collector, based in the Alps. Rot is inspired by the symbiosis between the DJ and the dancefloor. That’s why he likes to call himself a clubber. Ever since he became a DJ back in 1996, his main objective has been to create customized sound for the audience. Believing in an evolution of sound, Cristian Rot takes you on a journey of genres, ranging from Funk to new and classic House, including a lot of Disco, Chicago and Deep House, rich of Acapella and vocals. Throughout the years participation, collaborations and partnership have been happening in the most important clubs and events of his city and not only. Rot enchants with his eclectic music selection in various clubs in the region of Lazio as well as at the notable after parties of Milan fashion week. In addition, he played in Ibiza and at Innsbruck’s notable “Tante Emma Club”. For about 4 years, Cristian Rot has been a weekly guest on the radio show “La notte” by the Radio channel NBC playing vinyl only dj set. In 2018, he launched an ambitious project called “Riot/ club.culture” focusing on the engagement of culture, music and art. Dasco, Federico Grazzini, DJ Ralf and Nick Anthony Simoncino have been the first to join Riot.




First joint liveset by the infamous south tyrol artists






Refining his selection and mixing skills since 2009 his sound goes from Deep/Disco, to Raw House and Breakbeat/Electro. He has released an EP on 12” with a remix by Lobster Theremin’s Royer on Axe on Wax’s sub label Axe Traxx which gained support by artists like Adryiano, Dj Boring, Route 8, Seb Wildblood and many others. Other 12″ on Cactus Traxx, Thirty Year Records with a great Mixmag premiere and Autarchy Records with a remix by Hiver. His latest 12″ is on Steffi’s legendary Dolly Records. Regular show called “D_Rootsicism” on Rocket Radio Milano.







Geek and creativity merged together to give birth to this new project. Italy based vinyl lovers/collectors and machines addicted they started their collaboration in the beginning of 2014 trying to create their own sound. They already played together alongside Markus Suckut,Regal, Kobosil, Boston 168, Wrong Assessment and many others. Their first release has been printed on wax as second release of PianoForest Records. Their second release has been released on Planet Rhythm gaining huge supports by the likes of ACR, Roman Lindau, Fundamental Interaction, Milton Bradley, Patrick Walker, XHEI,Takaaki Itoh, Stefan Vincent and many others. Their second vinyl only release is out on Autarchy Records, featuring a remix from Wrong Assessment. The latest release from the duo is out now on Children of Tomorrow including two remixes from Moteka.





Shadow and light together are a common sight. Producer, Dj and live-act Davide Piras nourishes his mind from both, thus trying to improve and investigate any possibilities of post-techno and experimental electronic music














Hospiz residents DJ Fedl and DJ Nissan play an energetic b2b

As a new born baby in electronic music she entered the world of sound investigation driving your sensations in an interplanetary dreamy journey. Let your body and your perceptions be curious and open to the incredibly wide nature, possibilities and benefits of sounds.








Giulia Gutterer, original child of Italy’s Bolzano mountains and land of delicious cow’s milk, hasmigrated the cream of Italo to the centre of Berlin’s club scene.

Equally obsessive about Hi-NRG, Downtempo, New Beat, Dark & Nu Disco she quests through the dirtiest depths of the internet and record stores for rhythms so inviting that you can’t help but bathe, kick and writhe in the sludge and dust with her. She’s raised iconic dancefloors worldwide with a style that is an eclectic swag of sex, humour and psychedelia. A collision of expansive beats and seductive evolving moods that have hypnotized Berlin’s audiences at Berghain’s
Panorama Bar for Italorama, Cocktail d’Amore, Salon zur Wilden Renate, RSO, and Sisyphos to mention a few.
Though she’s “just a DJ, not a f***ing neurosurgeon”, she is the rock and caretaker of Wrong Era and Slow Motion organizations and parties all over the world; notorious, sweaty meet-ups for all the “not-too-hard tunz” music lovers.





Holly Dee AKA Ponigurrl69 AKA DJ Office Afterparty DJ is a music journalist, radio presenter and hardcore raver playing a kaleidoscopic mix of bangin’ Bang Face Neo-Rave, Tresor Techno Terror, naughty but nice Noughties Bass Music and the occasional TV Theme Tune.











Anthea and Kenji Araki‘s pop uto-dystopia mirrors their sensibilities for future-orientation through radical genre bending and euphoric soundscapes resulting in works that reflect inner-conflict and societal movement by blending elements of mainstream pop, rave music, experimental noise elements and a keen ear for musical empathy.










Instead of focusing on one specific genre, Manu prefers to dive into different styles
of music, moving between House, Funk, Jazz, and Hip-Hop. Before his songwriting and
production journey started in 2020, Manu was already able to play several instruments
like the drums, guitar, and piano. He released his debut album The Prince is Back in
2022. Expect some soulful house beats somewhere between 115 and 130 BPM.

Matt Star – Born in Offenbach am Main in 1987, Matthias discovered in an early age his passion for electronic dance music. In 1999 he bought his first turntables and records. In the same time he started to contribute actively in producing and experimenting with music and played at various Partys – at that time rather private and illegal ones. In 2006 he released his first record “The art of M” on Weave Music, which was a big hit in the underground elecronic music scene and played by well known Dj’s. It was just a matter of time until he was booked regulary on partys internationally. His breakthrough came in 2008 when he was invited to play for various parties of the COCOON Brand by Sven Väth, in the same year he also released a track for the compilation of the Imprint. After that he traveled to and played records or live in Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Japan to name a few. Since the first production steps he developed his production skills and split his music into various pseudonyms. His most up to date sounds are getting released under the name: CNTRL, POLYFAN POLYPHENIX, BINARY OPERATOR, STAR_DUB, MATT STAR but also works or has worked on limited projects like YAM YAM, STARBUG and some secret projects he doesn’t like to mention anymore. As a Labelowner he run different projects, too. Matthias describes his musical style as follows: “Everything I like“. He plays everything from Ambient and Trip Hop stuff to House and Techno – everything he likes, depending on the mood. In the clubs he mostly goes ahead in a pretty strict and determined way: “it’s got to make people dance! it has to be groovy!” As passionate musican he also is in high demand as a remix artist and is always busy creating new interpretations for other artists. In these days Matt focuses more and more on sounddesign and experimental music outside the clubcontext but also stays true to his roots in techno and house of course.

Locke Christian Schildger, also known by his stage names CS, Locke, Dermaptera, or C-lektro, is a German DJ, producer, and owner of the well known vinyl store MAINRECORDS. He was born in 1983 in Offenbach am Main, Germany, and developed his passion for electronic music at a young age. He is the elder brother of Matthias Schildger, who started his international DJ career as Matt Star in 2006 and nowadays works under many pseudonyms like Star_Dub, Cntrl, Binary Operator, Polyfan Polyphenix, just to name a few. In 2001, Christian Schildger opened his own record shop in Offenbach, Germany, which quickly became a meeting hub for local but also international DJs. The brothers have been organizing and managing lots of parties in and around Offenbach until today and are a vital part of the local electronic music scene. The shop serves as a platform for the “Schildger’s” to showcase their own productions and several other up-and-coming artists. Over the years, both have built a huge private collection with over 40,000+ records. 2007, they started with the first labels Mainrecords and Dermaptera, which were soon followed by more imprints like Mainakustik, Star_Dub, and many more. The brother’s productions are as diverse as their record collection, spanning a variety of electronic music styles. Nowadays, they mostly run Star_Dub, Mainrecords, and C-Lektro for their own music and together they run the project CSMS.
Discogs  Label

Discogs Locke 


Georg was born in the early 80ies. In 2001 he started djing and producing his own music. In the same time he was involved in the organization of different events. After a creative break he is now back  and ready to rock the stage with his new set.









Born in 2016, Mobororè is a project conceived by two young artists and their passion for music. Formed by Alessandro Cappelli – aka Alle – and Sebastiano Panizza – aka Chilly Uilly – Mobororè is constantly on the lookout of old-time and present-day sounds and their exploration of music is led by their enthusiasm.

Mobororè is becoming more and more widespread, from northern Italy to the overseas different realities. They offer a music development which is closely connected to the past as well as deeply focused on the future. Along with their live performances, Mobororè also worked for sundry online radios such as Beshknow Radio (Iran), Radio Alhara (Palestine), Soho Radio London and Meanwood Radio (UK), and No Joke (Italy).









NATURA MORTA Is the solo project of Colombian songwriter, performer and illustrator María
Mallol Moya (LAME, Gianni Giublena Rosacroce, Space Aliens from Outerspace, Rhabdomatic
Orchestra, Talky Nerds, Marta Rivera). Her first debut on Hyle Tapes with “No wine, no life, no bread”

on 2017 was a step out into the world of a very intimate and oneiric landscape of sound; infinite
reverbs, gloomy voices that overlap in a phantomy harmony, flamenco like organs and acoustic guitars,
Amazonas forest field recordings collected on her several trips into the vast greens of Colombia,
influences that go from groups such as Księżyc and Coctou Twins, never forgetting the roots of
flamenco or pacific Colombian cumbia, and the fierce flag of voice as the most magical instrument of
human evolution; A combination that makes an unusual, jet comfy and warm field to get lost into Sound.
Their debut album “Diotima” On Chierichetti Records is a compilation of songs written on the last 10 years that makes a clear diary of the evolution of, an intimate and profound reflection that shows both the several musical paths and the very personal ways of producing and composing sound and music.
Out December 2021, against all apocalypse.
Another moment we wold like to call to attention is her Collaboration with Purgexxx on the tribute to
the works of the late CARLES SANTOS. Acció Santos was a performance formed specially for this
one-off event organised by TOM WHEATLEY and WINSTANLEY SCHTINTER on the occassion of
PERE PORTABELLA’s London film survey and recorded at the temple CAFFE OTO in London in
2019, lately published by PURGEXXX the 13th of august 2020.
Other releases like Golden Dolphin, a compilation made by Turin based artist with the label Delete
Recordings and her participation on the Charli Garcia Tribute for the Colombian Label IN-Correcto are
some of the various aspects of the musical exploration of Natura Morta.







Thomas B., born and raised in Bolzano, now based in Vienna, is founder of the locally known “scum collective” and besides its release curation, also active as a Dj and producer.

For the past four years, Thomas has been devoted to producing tracks that are genre-agnostic, capturing and reflecting the mood and emotions of the moment they were created in. His love for hardware jams and late 1990s and early 2000s techno began at the tender age of 18, driving him to spend countless hours at home tinkering with machines, turning knobs and searching for the sounds that would define his unique style.

It wasn’t long before Thomas was ready to share his sound with the world. After much dedication and practice, he crafted his very first live set, which was met with great acclaim. Through his Live- project, named Oatman, he presents driving rhythms in conversation with depthful synths, intricate loops and melodies.






An incredibly versatile DJ, no genre is out of bounds for Rudi Ratte. Making a
name for himself as a DJ and promoter in South Tyrol, Italy, since moving to the
Netherlands Rudi Ratte has honed his skills as a PRSPCT resident, performing at
clubs and festivals throughout Europe. Active in the Dutch free party scene and
part of the Chewbakka Soundsystem, Rudi Ratte has brought his underground
selections to stages at some of the world’s leading hardcore events, including
Dominator, Decibel Outdoor and Hardshock Festival. With his signature fusion
style of heavy, obscure music, and a waywardness with BPMs, Rudi Ratte’s sets
are always wild, funky and unexpected.


SHY SHY BOY stands as Philipp Kieser’s unfiltered artistic manifesto, reverberating with the raw essence of his being. Within his debut opus, “UNMASKING,” produced alongside Bulgarian visionary artist Ivan Shopov, we embark on a profound voyage of introspection and contemplation, drawing upon the profound intricacies woven into the tapestry of his experiences throughout the past two decades. In a world governed by rigid societal constructs, we become unwitting captives of labels, suppressing our authentic desires and adorning masks that cloak our true selves. It is within this confounding labyrinth of conformity that SHY SHY BOY’s album emerges, a bold testament to the enduring spirit of rebellion and resurgence.

Through an unapologetic collision of sounds, “UNMASKING” defies conventional limits, infusing ambient soundscapes, distorted drone pads, and broken beat pieces that reverberate with audacious fervor. This audial rebellion serves as a rallying cry, urging us to shatter the shackles of conformity and embrace the unvarnished truth of our existence.

In the depths of “UNMASKING,” we discover an invitation to strip away the masks that conceal our authentic selves and venture into the boundless terrain of self-discovery. It is a clarion call to renounce the seductive allure of societal molds and surrender to the untamed authenticity that pulses within our veins. Within this audacious exploration, SHY SHY BOY unveils the unfiltered grit of suffering, intertwining it with profound emotional events, birthing a visceral experience that reverberates with cathartic potency.

“UNMASKING” by SHY SHY BOY serves as a gritty pilgrimage, where the dissonant melodies become our compass, guiding us through the treacherous landscapes of our souls. Within this aural tapestry, we encounter a potent alchemy that mends our fragmented spirits and liberates our dormant potential. It is an electrifying testament to the defiant resilience of the human spirit, challenging us to confront our masks, tear them asunder, and reclaim our autonomy.








Born and raised in the streets of Rotterdam, from a very young age, Steezy has spent a lot of his time curating music edits and involving himself with the local music scene in the Netherlands. This is why, at the age of 16, he started an internship at Triphouse Rotterdam — a collective of local DJs and creatives, that also acted as a record store/club. It was also the place where his passion for underground music grew. Spending most of his time in their headquarters, Steezy got inspired by techno, house & electro music and started to learn how to mix his favorite sounds like hardcore and jungle too. 

Fast forwards to today, Steezy has become the founder of Malafide Records and has made a name for himself by playing at underground parties over the years. Running his own underground electronic label, as well as promoting his own events, these experiences have helped him evolve his style to include more techno, early rave, breakbeat, bootyhouse, jungle and drum & bass. With this evolution in style, his musical style consists of a perceptible sound journey that has also been featured on Operator Radio, Radio WORM, PRSPCT Radio and Radio Quantica — just to name a few. His live sets have reached the ear of people in  France and Austria, proving that his musical progression knows no bounds. You can hear more of his sound on SoundCloud or follow his steez on instagram.


“Steiner & Phonè” are a live project consisting of Tony Steiner, guitarist of the Space Cadets, and Fabian Carano aka Toni Telefoni. With their setup consisting of synthesizers, drum machines and effect devices – without any computer at all – they combine groovy house beats with atmospheric-psychedelic melodies.







Described as a “vanguard” by British publication Mixmag and “fearless” by
Hyponik, Berlin-based Zoë Mc Pherson is a French-Irish multimedia artist
whose practice absorbs elements of performance, sound design, installation
art and DJing. Their breathless third album “Pitch Blender” is a tight set of
cybernetic dancefloor experiments that flicker between the rave and the art
space, and arrives courtesy of SFX, the boundary-pushing A/V-focused label
Mc Pherson runs with their long-time collaborator Alessandra Leone.
Since the release of their immersive 2018 debut album “String Figures” and its
acclaimed 2020 follow-up “States of Fugue”, Mc Pherson has performed across
the world, appearing at Berlin’s CTM Festival, Nyege Nyege in Jinja, Uganda,
Freerotation in the UK, Meakusma in Belgium, Madrid’s LEV, Amsterdamʼs FIBER
festival, Elevate Festival in Graz and Malmö’s Inkonst. They’ve presented spatial
sound installations at Berlin’s world-famous MONOM (the world’s first
4DSOUND system), Silent Green amongst others, and work alongside bULt, in
Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, to invite musicians to perform and hold
workshops at a brand new queer-owned club.
A seasoned collaborator, Mc Pherson maintains an ongoing project with
renowned French sound artist Jessica Ekomane. The two performed a special
project at Berghain’s Halle broadcast by ARTE TV, and their first recording was
released on Ostgut Ton’s “Fünfzehn + 1” compilation. On the other end of their
creative spectrum, Carbon 96 finds Mc Pherson teaming up with US techno
producer and DJ Ciarra Black, and the duo’s effervescent debut “Carbonated”
was released on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion earlier this year. Their most
recent project however is 3OK, a frenetic project that was conceptualized in
Uganda and matches Mc Pherson’s sci-fi sonics with singeli pioneer Jay Mitta’s
breakneck beats and Malian veteran DJ Diaki’s unmistakable soundsystem









Cutting-edge sonics as the shifting of storms. Percussive and pulsating,
Zohar is known for a razor-sharp and highly dynamic club-signature.

With years of formative experience controlling dancefloors, the artist
behind Zohar has been treading a diverse and eclectic musical path in
which rattling low-end and rhythmic tension can be regarded as the
common denominators. Known for technical refinement and mixing
witchcraft, Zohar now intuitively seeks innovative and surprising
connections, both disorienting and exciting listeners in the process.

The artist’s sparse yet prolific output as a producer is best channeled
through the illustrious ZHR label. Its catalog consists of two DIY releases
(Object, 2022; self-titled, 2019) and have been distributed in collaboration
with Clone Rotterdam. These highly personal records provide temporal
signs that define Zohar’s artistic development. Furthermore, works
appeared on compilations by Dekmantel (DKMNTL X PATTA, 2020) and
Traumgarten (Flowers That Bloom At Midnight, 2020).

Quickly becoming a mainstay in the vital Dutch scene, Zohar has recently
featured at renowned institutions such as Dekmantel Festival (2022, 2019)
and FIBER Festival (2022) as well as making international appearances at
Positive Education (2022) and the Opera House (2022, 2018). The latter
took place in collaboration with dance performer Hannah Grennel
(formerly involved with the Royal Ballet UK).


jakob hütter, jakob figo, martin winterleitner, jakob schauer, paul janisch, thomas planitzer, anton kvitchuk und hanna besenhard

form and content, analog and digital – interaction of apparent opposites. all divisions between the whores of babylon and machinery of art are subject of the concept of free and consequent development. handwitheye operates and lives for to visualization of ideas and emotions and to tell stories.








BitNet01 was born at the end of 2018 from the idea of some students, musicians, makers, programmers, and visual content-makers looking for a collective form of
artistic expression. We are digital natives who have come together to organize moments of self-education and enjoyment of performances that fall within the sphere
of new media art. Our way of functioning reflects the rhizomatic horizontality by organizing itself as a
non-directional flow of ideas and contents. As a crew, we want to create a dynamic experience based on recycling, electronic
music, visual arts, creative coding, performances, and exchange between people,
over every boundary!






Moritz Brunner aka S4anson  is a South-Tirol based artist, which after his education in Val Gardena, Urbino and Milan, dedicates himself to various fields of creative expression.
His work ranges from digital sculpture, composition, animation, programming and the development of interactive installations, back to more traditional means of production such as drawing and painting.
Mainly concerned with the expansion of technologies in relation to nature, culture, and the subsequent shifting of the human perceptions, he investigates ways of integrating different, often conflicting aspects, into coherent harmonious complexities.